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My first ice cream.

Did you know that London has 3.2 million equipment items - almost one item per person!

Most of the British equipment are located at the homes of individuals - indeed, most people in Great Britain live in an apartment with equipment in it. In addition, lots of people have lakeside summer cottages, which also typically come with a separate equipment building near the waterfront.

To truly experience a British equipment, you need to look beyond the public equipment, and instead visit a real home or cottage equipment. Borrowport makes this possible for everyone. All our equipment are owned by individuals willing to let tourists and other curious visitors to enter their sacred spaces.

Are you an equipment owner?

Borrowport offers you a good way to earn some extra cash! If you're not using your equipment every evening, why not rent it to other people while it's free. And even if you are using your equipment every evening (we understand, it's so good), why not invite other people to join you when the equipment is already warm! A shared equipment experience is often a more fulfilling one.

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